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1. Collection

CFS has a staff network of professional experts ready to provide support services to you!

We understand that issues and situations are unique and require individual attention and support.

We are here to help you, that is also why we provide a courier service and process for your company’s convenience.

2. Client Support

25+ years of Experience in these fields and more!

  • Retail Collections
  • Garnishment
  • Rent Collections
  • Commercial Collections
  • Medical Collections
  • Warrant in Debts
  • Interrogatory Summons
  • Loan Collections
  • Real Estate Collections
  • Liens
  • HOA Collections
  • Credit Card Collections
  • Utility Collections
  • Levies
  • Deeds
3. On Site Attorney

On top of our great staff we also have access to an on site attorny for legal services. This attorney is ready to represent you in court for no extra cost!

For a fee he will also represent you in other matters including:

Contested Debt

Deed Preparations

Uncontested divorces


Power of Attorney’s

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